Mike Edison : Bio

Mike Edison is the former publisher of marijuana magazine High Times, and was the editor-in-chief of the irresponsibly outrageous Screw. Edison has worked as a correspondent for Penthouse and Hustler, and is an internationally known musician and professional wrestler of no small repute. He is the author of 28 pornographic novels and the cult classic memoir I Have Fun Everywhere I Go (Farrar, Straus & Giroux). He speaks frequently on free speech, sex, drugs, and the American counterculture, and is “proof positive that one can be both edgy and erudite, lowbrow and literate, and take joy in the unbridled pleasures of the id without sacrificing the higher mind.” (PopMatters.com) His new book, Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! will be published this Fall by Soft Skull Press.

Edison is also well known for his eclectic music career, and as a ferociously dedicated spoken word artist. He is the long-time drummer of garage-cult heroes the Raunch Hands and played frequently with notorious wildman GG Allin, with whom he wrote a number of songs including the cult hit “Swank Fucking,” and recorded two records. Since 2001 Edison has fronted his gospel, punk, and blues experiment the Edison Rocket Train, and has collaborated frequently with avant roots-rocker Jon Spencer, who produced Edison’s X-rated, psychedelic companion CD to the book I Have Fun Everywhere I Go. Spencer has also been the featured guitarist in Edison’s various groups of “21st century beatniks and new world troubadors,” the main vehicles for his outrageous revue of spoken-word, storytelling, and dirty blues that have taken various names, seemingly depending only on the whims of their leader, including the “Space Liberation Army,” the “Interstellar Rendevous Band,” “The Rocket Train Delta Science Micro Arkestra,” and more. Edison has also recently been seen terrorizing audiences with his aggressive Theremin explorations in ex-Capt Beefheart guitarist Gary Lucas’ downtown supergroup Gods and Monsters. Edison’s weekly Internet radio program, The Mike and Judy Show (co-hosted by author Judy McGuire) can be heard live on Sunday afternoons on the Heritage Radio Network, or downloaded for free as podcasts from iTunes.