Support Your Local Bookstore

There is nothing better than supporting your local bookstore, and I’m thrilled to be sending you to ONE GRAND BOOKS in Narrowsburg, New York (see link below), just up-river from Diamond Ranch. As you might know, copies of SYMPATHY FOR THE DRUMMER are getting harder to find — it is completely sold out and on back order in most venues (the Evil Empire is selling books from third party vendors, so you can still one-click, but stock is slim) and while I’m well-chuffed at the incredible reception for SYMPATHY FOR THE DRUMMER, and profoundly saddened that it was the death of Charlie Watts that torched a tsunami of renewed demand for the book, I am also very proud to have written this shot of love, not as a reaction to Charlie Watts sudden passing, but as a celebration of his massive contribution to the revolution that was, or maybe still is, rock’n’roll. Backbeat Books is reprinting as fast as possible, but with the Covid supply-chain crisis still a very real thing, and the Fall season mopping up resources for printing presses, it will be a few weeks before SYMPATHY is in better bookstores everywhere. In the meantime, I’ve personally delivered the books I had on hand to one of the best bookstores in the world –– my local, ONE GRAND — and believe me, I am a bookstore nerd, so I know from what I am talking. Please support them by ordering a book, or better yet, stopping in if you are in the neighborhood, and digging what is a very smart shoppe. Thanks everyone for your perfect enthusiasm and remember, it don’t mean a thing it if ain't got that swing. I love you all. Xo me.